Contact Campus Security Authority

The Campus Security Authority (CSA) works with the Detroit Mercy Department of Public Safety to report incidents or cases of crime.  The CSA is instrumental in circumstances where an individual may feel more comfortable approaching a member with crime or incident reports.

In a situation of imminent threat to your safety or to that of the community, please contact the Department of Public Safety immediately at 313-993-1234.

If you would like to make a report with a CSA member, please review the contact information below and the list of Frequently Asked Questions below.  Download the PDF of the CSA Contact List.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why has Detroit Mercy identified CSAs?

    The U.S. Department of Education Clery Act is a federal law that requires institutions to identify individuals that meet the definition of a Campus Security Authority (CSA). CSAs have an important role in complying with the law.


    What is the role of a CSA?

    The function of a CSA is to report to the Department of Public Safety, those allegations of Clery Act crimes that he or she concludes were made in good faith.


    What services will be available to a reporting victim?

    If an individual reporting an incident needs assistance, a CSA will explain how to get help. The victim will receive assistance even if he or she does not want an investigation conducted by Public Safety. The decision to act on this option is the victim’s.

    In the midst of an emergency situation, such as a physical assault, however, a CSA should contact the campus police.


    Do CSAs have to take any action outside of completing and submitting the crime report?

    CSAs also notify the Department of Public Safety by phone for reported incidents that may put the community at risk for victimization.


    Who do Detroit Mercy CSAs send the completed report to?

    CSAs send completed crime reports the Director of Public Safety.


    Why do CSAs immediately send the completed report to the Director of Public Safety?

    Completed reports are submitted immediately by the CSA and may help determine safety notifications such as a “Timely Warning Notice” and other precautionary measures.


    Does the Public Safety Department share my personal information in the reporting process for Clery?

    No, the Department of Public Safety will not disclose the names of victims when reporting under the Clery Act.


    What happens to the information reported by a CSA?

    CSA crime reports are used by the University’s Department of Public Safety to:

    • Fulfill the schools responsibility to annually disclose Clery crime statistics.
    • To issue “Timely Warning Notices” for Clery crimes that pose a serious or continuing threat to the campus community.
    • May prompt the activation of the University’s RAVE Emergency Alert System.
    • May require that additional safety measures are taken.