Memorial and Donation Opportunities

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    Tree Dedications

    The Detroit Mercy Community is invited to commemorate a loved one with a plaque for a new Detroit Mercy tree on one of our three campuses. Trees available to dedicate include Little Leaf Linden, Sweet Gum, Royalty Crab Apple, Hackberry and Kwansan Cherry. See the Tree Dedication Program Guide for more information.

    How to dedicate a tree

    1. Contact Facility Operations at 313-993-1240 or to explore a location and payment option. Please note, not all trees are suitable for all locations and availability of trees are dependent on the season.

    2. Select a Tree.

    3. Complete a Plaque Text Request Form and submit to Facility Operations Fax at 313-993-1175.

    4. Complete donation for your Dedication Tree. Please make checks payable to "University of Detroit Mercy" with "Tree Dedication" as the memo.

    5. Facility Operations will take care of the rest!