Audition Information

Season 44 Auditions 

LHF Audition
Most of the women in this play are veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraqi Wars.  They all suffer from varying levels of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  They have created an encampment on the streets of San Francisco where they can care for each other and protect each other.  Their story makes us aware of the women who have served this country. There is one male character as well.  
CHARACTERS, Although ages are listed they are not crucial to the success of the reading, ethnicity however is inherent to the characters and will be observed if at all possible. 
All are encouraged to audition. 
MAYA………………..A woman of Hispanic Descent, she is the poet and security force for the camp.
ALICE…………………A strong black woman, she is the matriarch of the camp.
CORY…………………A white woman, she is a nurturing person who is also a lesbian.
YOLANDA………….A black woman with an attachment to drugs, she makes her living on the street.
CANYON……………A teenage runaway who may or may not be what she seems. 
TITO…………………..A black male gang member.

Freshman Entrance Auditions and Scholarships

F15 Recruiting poster

Admission to the Performing Arts Program and The Theatre Company is a two-step process:

  • Step One:  Apply for admission to UDM. Apply online for free by visiting on at Application to University must be submitted before step two.
  • Step Two: Audition for entrance into The Theatre Company’s Program. An audition on UDM’s campus is required for consideration for Theatre Company Scholarships.

UDM Audition Dates

  • Saturday, December 13
  • Saturday, February 14
Note: Additional audition dates can be arranged through Professor Grobis at 313-993-3269.

  1. Perform two memorized contrasting monologues (comic/serious, contemporary/historical).
  2. Provide a copy of your resume and current headshot. Scrapbooks and press clippings will not be accepted.
  3. Participate in an interview with members of the faculty.

Note: Stage Managers and Undecided Theatre Students do not have to perform but need to provide a letter of recommendation from a theatre teacher or qualified professional that speaks about the student’s strengths. 

Theatre Company Scholarship Opportunities

  1. The Theatre Company Performance Scholarship – Elite Scholarship for UDM students majoring in theatre based on audition and involvement in Theatre Company. Amount: Up to 50% of tuition ($18,000) for four years.
  2. The Geradine Regal Scholarship – Application required. For for UDM students majoring in theatre based on involvement and work as a Company member.  Amount up to $4,000 annually.
  3. The Theatre Scholarship – up to $1,000 for for UDM students majoring in theatre.